Limited Time!


For a professionally produced marketing video

featuring your business.


• Not a gimmick

• No hidden fees

• No bait and switch

• No up-sell

• Not a student project


I have 22 years of experience producing marketing videos for many national brands.

I own my own professional HD cinematic equipment and am ready to help you.




Why am I doing this?

I am new to Colorado Springs and want to meet as many local business owners as possible.  I help companies communicate and I feel this is the best way to get to know this market.  I am bringing the high level of production I'm known for in Florida,

to Colorado.


- You get a ridiculously great price for an awesome video that you can put on your website to promote your business.

  - I get exposure to business professionals in the area and hopefully, you will tell others about your positive experience and results.




• One, 1-2 minute HD promo video featuring your business, service, or product.



• Up to 1 hour initial consultation, pre-production, and scripting.


• Up to 3 hours shooting at a location of your choice.


• Up to 4 hours editing and graphic design.


• A painless experience that WILL get results.




$375 up front, and $375 when the video
 is completed.


A professional voice over will cost extra but we have options that are budget friendly.


If you should decide, additional shooting and editing will be charged at the rate of $90/hr.


This type of video typically runs about $3,000.

Yes, $3,000.


That's it - no fine print.


Call 407-718-5594 or


to get started now!